Technical specification         

We manufacture, PP woven fabric, laminated / un-laminated in different shades, width & length as per customer’s demand which provides sturdy and economical packaging option for diverse industries across the world. Due to lightness in weight its best suited for packaging. We offer it in roll form as well as in open flat form.

Silent Features


  • Fabrics available in PP (Poly Propylene) material
  • Available in roll forms & open flat fabrics
  • Fabrics available in coated (laminated) as well as un-coated (un-laminated) form
  • Perfect for meeting the demands of packaging, sheltering & covering of products
  • Durable and tear-resistant, seepage proof
  • Sewn with high quality multifilament white/colored yarn
  • Available in a wide variety of design combinations / custom tailor made designs
  • Customized dimensions, designs and colors according to needs
  • 100% environmental-friendly – recyclable
  • Used as padding while transportation
  • Bailing / wrapping
  • Salt pies
  • Steel wraps
  • Paper reinforcing
  • Pools
  • Timber
  • Salt Heaps
  • Cotton Module Covers
  • Curing Blankets
  • Ground cover
  • Turf Protection

Prominent Features

  • Haystack covers
  • Pond liners
  • Poultry houses
  • Grain covers
  • Roofing underlay
  • Liners
  • Landfill covers
  • Landfill caps
  • House wrap
  • Mining brattice cloth
  • Underground warning tapes