Specially for maize mills :

1MTR x 2MTR - 

250MM x 667MM -

MS, Galvanized, CRC, Steel, Stainless steel, Brass, Copper and Aluminum etc.


Diamond Perforation

Material Available


  • Design with Endless Choices

       Production line components like these conveyor and dryer elements work better because they are perforated.

  • Perfectly Adaptable

       The perforating process is perfectly adaptable to provide surprisingly satisfying design solutions enhancing the            look as well as the performance.

  • Structurally Sound and Efficiently Made

       Perforated components make products work better with holes that function several ways. holes that filter or                      select holes that freely allow the passage of sound waves, gas or liquid for whatever good reasons you may have.

  • Beautiful, Functional and Versatile

       Bakers and pizza makers swear that these are the best bread trays and pizza pans around because the holes let            the heat get to everywhere it's needed.

  • Keeping it Safe, Cool and Beautiful

       They have provided protection from UV radiation, removed noise and kept small children safe from falling.

  • Improving Productivity

       Perforated metal parts work more efficiently the perforating process is so adaptable to designer's requirements for          perforations and their placement, material specifications and the shape of the finished part.

Square Perforation

Round Perforation

More rigid and stronger then woven wire cloth, the perforated metal sheets offer maximum resistance to wear & tear. Perforated metal sheets find applications for strainers, Coarse filters and screens for seiving, straining, filtering, grading & polishing processes. Metal sheets are punched / perforated with different types of holes in various perforation patterns to suit individual application.

herring bone Perforation

Product Usage

hexagonal Perforation

The versatile uses of perforated metal sheets are :

Perforated Sheets

slot Perforation