Technical Specifications: 

  • Available size of the mills is 250MM. 
  • Available in size 12inch (300MM) 


  • Low operating cost
  • Easy to maintain
  • Rugged in construction
  • Precise engineering
  • Uniform grinding of materials
  • Quick turnaround time

Our manufactured Steel Disc Mills of Model-2A find wide application in industries for:

  • Food and Chemical Processing
  • Crushing stones and metal products
  • In mines to separate minerals and other valuable elements
  • Recycling plants for grinding paper, plastics and other reusable materials

Our manufactured Grinding Mills employ latest and innovative technology in their engineering & functioning. Today, in entire market, Suksha Grinding Mills are renowned as the most versatile line of mills available for fast and low-cost grinding and crushing of particles. We have made all the possible efforts to design our mills in such a manner that these demand very low maintenance and thus, we have integrated very few moving parts and replaceable linings made of abrasion-resistant metal in the mill.

We are manufacturing a wide range of Grinding Mills based on diverse grinding and crushing requirements in industries, which includes : Grain Mill (Vertical & Horizontal), Steel Disc Mill (Model 1A & 2A), Hammer Mill, Spice Mill, Janta type Stone Mill, Bolt type Stone Mill, Rajkot type Stone Mill, Danish type Stone Mill and Domestic Size Stone Mill. 

Our Vertical Grain Mill is a result of our incredible production experience and regular product improvement. We are considered as one of the leading manufacturers of flour mills in India. At our end, we make sure that our entire assortment of mills is engineered using standardized grade raw materials and excellent quality components so that the efficiency of the mill remains intact and steady. 

We specially use strong cast iron metal for constructing the body of the mill to ensure its longer life span and durability. We supply our gamut of Grain Mills in varied specifications so as to meet the diverse requirements for grinding and milling. These mills are integrated with premium quality bearings that ensure optimum rotary balance and motion of the mill. Clients from different corners of the world highly acclaim our manufactured grain mills for their low maintenance cost, easy handling, low power consumption and user friendly operations.

Grinding Mills

Types of Mills :

Steel Disc Mill - 1A


What make our Grinding Mills the best option market are their some of the salient feature like: 

  • Easy maintenance
  • Excellent Durability
  • Optimum and fine grinding
  • Contamination free grinding
  • Ensure decentralized flour production


  • Size reduction of various materials
  • Wet or dry grinding
  • Lime slaking

Steel Disc Mill - 2A


Some of the striking features that make our grain mills extra ordinary in the entire market are as follows: 

  • Superior quality
  • Optimum performance
  • Precise engineering with fine quality of bearings
  • Low power consumption thus reduces the cost incurred
  • Settings to get a desired level of fineness in the flour
  • Low heat transfer
  • Available in different sizes viz. 300mm, 400mm, 500mm & 600mm


Our wide range of grain mill finds wide application in both small scale as well as large scale industries for grinding and milling Wheat, Millet, Pepper, Spices, Corn, Coffee, Semolina, Rice, Rye, Spelts, Sorghum, Pulses, Barley, Maize, Peas, Oats, Guar, Grams, Teff, etc. These mills are also used for grinding Salt, Coal, Sand and dry chemicals.

Technical Specifications:
Available in 300MM, 400MM, 500MM & 600MM 

Available with us is a comprehensive range of disc mills in order to meet different industrial requirements. Our clients can choose between our manufactured two models of Disc Mills, one with Single-wheel that consists of one disc running along a steel base grinding items and second with double-wheel crushing items by grinding them between two interconnected plates. Unlike other ordinary mills, our offered steel disc mill of model-2A is best suited for extremely quick, loss-free and reproducible grinding of medium-hard, brittle and fibrous materials to analytical fineness. This type of disc mill is widely acknowledged at global level due to its smooth and steady operation. Popular in agricultural sector, these mills are also used for milling corn and grains after harvest. All the disc mills are engineered in accordance with the statutory standards and norms. 

Grain Mill-Vertical

We are manufacturing an impeccable unit of Steel Disc Mill that is primarily used for crushing or grinding. Based on diverse industrial applications, we manufacture and engineer these disc mills in varied models ranging from small laboratory models that fit on a table-top to large industrial milling machines used in large scale factories and quarries. 

Basically, a standard Steel Disc Mill of model-1A is integrated with a series of steel plates, or discs, that rotate within a machine. Our model 1A of Steel Disc Mill is extensively used in many industries for crushing stones, metal, or other materials. One can easily change the discs from smooth to serrated edges depending upon the type of material being crushed or ground. This type of disc mill can also be used for shredding purpose by just attaching blades or spikes to the discs..

Technical Specifications: 

  • Available in size 10inch (250MM)
  • Available size of the mills is 250MM. 

Following are the advantages of our manufactured Steel Disc Mill, Model-1A: 

  • Ensure extremely short grinding time
  • Contamination free grinding
  • Adjustment of blades depending upon the type of materials being crushed
  • Less noise
  • Low power consumption
  • Standardized grade metals is used for the outer body


These Steel Disc Mills of model 1A are extensively used in many industries such as construction, metallurgical, ceramics industries for grinding, crushing, cutting and shredding.